MD House Representative

Jan 2, 2021 - Jan 2, 2023

David J. Trone

Bills Introduced: 27

Bills Cosponsored: 368

Amendments Introduced: 0

Roll Call Votes: 260

Committees: 3

Subcommittees: 5

HR 2264

Tele-Mental Health Improvement Act

HRES 175

Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives regarding United States arms transfers to Saudi Arabia.

HR 2538

FENTANYL Results Act

HR 679

Effective Drug Control Strategy Act of 2021

HR 3549

Comprehensive Mental Health in Schools Pilot Program Act of 2021

HR 4116

Finish the ADHS Act

HR 2607

Fairly Assessing Service-related Toxic Exposure Residuals Presumptions Act

HR 779

Transformational Reforms and Updates to Ensure Educational Quality and Urgent Investments in Today's Youth Act of 2021

HR 2636

Strengthening our Health Security Through Resilient Medical Supply Chains Annual Review Act of 2021

HR 1661

Girls LEAD Act

HR 4244

STOP Stigma Act

HR 1385

Behavioral Health Coordination and Communication Act of 2021

HR 434

Preventing Mental Health and Substance Use Crises During Emergencies Act

HR 4341

CARA 3.0 Act of 2021

HR 2376

Excellence in Recovery Housing Act

HR 1598

Workforce Justice Act of 2021

HR 4494

Frederick Jobs and Historic Preservation Training Center Land Acquisition Act

HR 3226

Accurate Reporting of Smoking Variants Act of 2021

HR 3071

Public Safety Officer Support Act of 2021

HR 2352

Honoring National Recovery Month Act

HR 433

Family Support Services for Addiction Act of 2021

HR 1185

Opioid Patients’ Right to Know Act of 2021

HR 3070

Confidentiality Opportunities for Peer Support Counseling Act

HRES 617

Supporting the designation of September 2021 as "National Recovery Month".

HR 5034

Community First Pretrial Reform and Jail Decarceration Act

HR 4981

To amend the Fentanyl Sanctions Act, to modify certain deadlines relating to the Commission on Combating Synthetic Opioid Trafficking.

HR 2379

State Opioid Response Grant Authorization Act of 2021